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All windows and mirrors listed were crafted in our Pompei studio using centuries-old fabrication techniques. They are signed by the artisan
Joseph Pompei and available for immediate delivery. These are not mass-produced cheap imitations made overseas!

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Grande Floral Window

Grande Floal Stained Glass Window

Yellow and pink flowers, surrounded by a lavender background of German antique glass; red-faceted jewel corners accent an inner border of iridized crystal Vecchio glass. Fits an Andersen CW135 single casement or stationary window

Unit size: 24” x 36″

Framed size: 26″ x 38″ Regular Price: $1575 SALE PRICE: $1260 (includes shipping)

Briarwood House

Briarwood House Stained Glass Window


Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright “Prairie School” style featuring symmetric geometric design with bright blue accents Fits an Andersen C135 window, or order with an oak frame and hang as a piece of stained glass art!

Glass size: 19 3/4” x 36”

Regular Price: $1295 SALE PRICE: $1035 (includes shipping)

P30 Bevel Cluster Window

Bevel Cluster Window


Two units: left and right Beveled tulip framed with clear German antique, smoke baroque glass, bordered with champagne water glass. Pale wine and aqua accents. Fits an Andersen C135 single casement or CN235 double casement window

Glass size: 19 3/4” x 36”

Regular Price: $1025 SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $825 per unit, or $1500 for both [includes shipping]

Geo Circles Contemporary

Fits an Andersen AX281 single awning or stationary window

Glass size: 27 1/8” x 27 1/8”

Regular Price: $1475 SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $1328 [includes shipping]

Framed size: 26″ x 38″ Regular Price: $1575 SALE PRICE: $1180  (includes shipping)

Macaw in Paradise

Macaw in Paradise

Framed in natural oak wood. Macaw is uniquely crafted in colored beveled glass. Glass size: 22” x 34”

Regular Price: $1550 SALE PRICE: $1240 [includes shipping]

Berkeley House

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright Clear textured Vecchio, artique, and black glass with square faceted jewels. Fits Andersen CN135 window, or order with an oak frame. (Add $75 for the frame.)

Glass size: 16 1/8” x 36”

Regular Price: $915 SALE PRICE: $732 [includes shipping]

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