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Custom Stained Glass Made to Fit Your Andersen Windows

Andersen Window Stained Glass Jacuzzi Windows“Morning Light in the Jacuzzi”  |  Brookline . Massachusetts

Stained glass window inserts for Andersen windows has been Pompei Stained Glass specialty item for the past 35 years.  In fact, we inspired Andersen to create their own line of art glass inserts.  Pompei inserts are made-to-order and designed for easy installation into any style Andersen 400 series window. Whether you’re looking to obscure a view, to create a privacy screen, or to create an elegant focal point, Joe Pompei will work with you throughout the order process, taking into account your budget, size, color palette, and privacy needs. Please note:  Our Art Glass inserts cannot be installed into any Series 100 or 200 window, 400 Woodwright windows, sliding window, or sliding door.


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Installing Your Window ::

Installation is a breeze!Easy Window Installation We provide an installation kit and simple-to-follow instructions. Installation requires no modification of your Andersen window. The stained glass panel is piggy-backed against the interior of Andersen insulated glass and is held in place with wood moldings included installation kit. » View installation instructions.

Gallery of Applications

Examples of the many of our custom Andersen stained glass inserts. Contact us today for more design options and pricing.

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Let’s Create a Stained Glass Window Together !

Have questions about where to start?   Call Joe Pompei at 781.395.8867 or email us at to initiate a discussion about your project.  You will discuss your goals, design themes, color palette, privacy requirements, and budget. Uncomplicated Order Process. We’ve made it simple to order one of our windows from anywhere in the U.S. . » view the details Looking for design ideas?  We invite you to browse our Portfolios and In-Stock Gallery pages for ideas.  You may also want to have a look at our Victorian and Prairie window catalogs.  Also consider searching Houzz or Pinterest for design ideas. Or, send us your design idea and we’ll work with you to make it a personalized stained glass window.

Special In-Stock Andersen Sale

The inserts pictured below are signed and ready to ship! Call for more information.

Grande Floral

Grande Floral Stained Glass Window

Fits an Andersen CW135 single casement or stationary window Glass size: 24” x 36” Regular Price: $2175 SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $1775 (includes shipping)

Geo Circles Contemporary

Stained Glass Window Geo Circles Contemporary

Fits an Andersen AX281 single awning or stationary window Glass size: 27 1/8” x 27 1/8” Regular Price: $1475 SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $1327 (includes shipping)

Briarwood House

Stained Glass Window Briarwood House

Fits an Andersen C135 single casement or stationary window Glass size: 19 3/4” x 36” Regular Price: $1165 SPECIAL SALE PRICE: $923 (includes shipping)