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Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Window

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Frank Lloyd Wright custom made stained glass windows are designed by Master glass artist Joseph Pompei, and  reflect his 45 years of experience working with glass. Joseph’s designs capture the essence of Frank Lloyd Wright, Prairie, Mission, and Arts & Crafts styles, while incorporating his unique stylistic thumbprint.

All Pompei windows are handmade utilizing the same fabrication techniques and materials found in 19th-century stained glass windows. Using traditional lead came and incorporating a variety of premium domestic and imported glass colors and textures, each creation is a unique artistic statement and is proudly signed by  Joseph.

Our panels can be made to fit almost any window and are specially designed to fit almost all Andersen, Pella or Marvin windows.

Call Joseph @ 781-395-8867 for more details.


Joe Pompei

Joseph Pompei visiting  Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter studio, Taliesen West, in Scottsdale AZ.  As student of Wright’s stained glass light screens, Joseph has visited of his several homes including Hollyhock House and Ennis House in Los Angeles, Robie House in Oak Park, Martin House in Buffalo and has studied numerous books researching both Wright’s and the Prairie School architects’ unique style.

View this short video on the history behind Taliesen West which is open to visitors year round.

The Frank Lloyd Wright  Stained Glass Window Collection

Designed to Complement Mission and  Arts & Crafts Architecture

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All designs in the Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass window collection can be made to fit any shape or window style, including casement, awning, clerestory, or fixed windows.

We specialize in fabricating stained glass as interior inserts for Andersen, Pella, and Marvin casement and awning windows, which are installed as an interior insert without disturbing the factory-installed insulated glass. Our panels are ‘piggy-backed’ against the interior side of the factory glass as a third layer of glazing and held in place with wood molding, which we supply.

See a vertical design but have a horizontal transom? That is not a problem, as most all or designs can be reconfigured to fit any shape window.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Window 

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Ivy Pompei

Have questions about where to start?

Contact Joseph Pompei at 781.395.8867 or by email at to initiate a discussion about your project. You will discuss your goals, design themes, color palette, privacy requirements, and budget.


Looking for design ideas?

We invite you to browse our Portfolios and In-Stock Gallery pages. You may also want to have a look at our  Frank Lloyd Wright window catalogs. Also, consider searching HouzzPinterest or Google Images f or design ideas. Or, send us your design and we’ll work with you to turn your idea into a unique stained glass window.

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Recent Commissions

Custom Stained Glass

Private Residence,  Chicago IL

Frank Lloyd Wright Art Window

Private Residence, Plano TX

Stained glass Window

Private Residence, Tuscon AZ

Stained Glass

Private Residence,  Los Angeles

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Four Seasons – Summer
Private Residence, Salt Lake City

Custom Stained Glass Window

Private Residence,  Wellesley, MA

The Four Seasons in Stained Glass

Drawing on inspiration from the timeless Frank Lloyd Wright prairie style and the vivid color palette of our New England seasons, these panels may be ordered individually or as a set. Sized to your specifications.  
See page 3 of the Prairie Catalog for pricing information.
Spring Stained Glass


Summer Stained Glass


Autumn Stained Glass


Winter Stained Glass


Frank Lloyd Wright Lightscreens- Research Sources

If you are interested in learning more about Wright’s stained glass windows, also refereed to as ‘light’ screens’, the following books provide excellent historical and technical context. Wright ‘s’ light screens were meant to both frame and focus the view through a window opening.  The design inspiration for Wright’s abstract stained glass windows was highly influenced by the geometry and pattern found in nature.  The following titles can be purchased from Amazon or any number of other resellers.  Click the cover to link to Amazon.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Stained Glass Lightscreens,
by Thomas A. Heinz

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Window

Lightscreens Illustrated –
The Stained Glass Windows of Frank Lloyd Wright
by Dennis Casey

Frank Lloyd Wright Light Screens

Light Screens: The Leaded Glass of Frank Lloyd Wright
by Julie Sloan

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