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Custom Stained & Leaded Glass Windows

Creating Architectural Stained Glass for Homes and Business Since 1978

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At Pompei Stained Glass the design of a stained glass window unites line, color and texture with the purposeful, artful, and magical potentials of light.

Our windows are custom made and may assume a vast range of expression and function ~ from obscuring an unsightly view to achieving maximum daylight while maintaining privacy in a bathroom application; from transforming the mood of an entryway into one of stately elegance, to simply dressing up dining windows or filling a open partition.

The design and fabrication of a custom stained glass window is a several-step process. During each step you will work directly with our founder and designer, Joe Pompei, who will help direct you in the determination of a design, along with the selection of glass colors and textures.

Stained Glass Window Assembly 1

Each Pompei commission is hand crafted drawing upon skills that date back to the 11th century.  Design styles include Victorian, Frank Lloyd Wright & Prairie, Arts & Crafts, Mission, and Craftsman styles, along with Contemporary and Abstract design themes.

Do you already have a design in mind? Feel free to call or email Joe Pompei. He’ll gladly discuss your project.

Looking for additional design ideas? We invite you to browse our online Portfolios [below] and our In-Stock Windows web page for additional design ideas.

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Stained Glass Contemporary DesignsContemporary Designs
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Unique Features of a Pompei Creation
Made to your specific size, design and color palette requirements. Installs easily into most Andersen, Pella, Marvin, and other stock windows Each piece signed by Joseph Pompei Utilizes the centuries-old lead caming fabrication method Handcrafted in our Pompei studio located 30 minutes from Boston. Heirloom-quality craftsmanship in every piece
Let’s Create a Unique Stained Glass Window Together !
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Have questions about where to start? Contact Joe Pompei at 781.395.8867 or by email at to initiate a discussion about your project. You will discuss your goals, design themes, color palette, privacy requirements, and budget.

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Looking for design ideas? We invite you to browse our Portfolios and In-Stock Gallery pages. You may also want to have a look at our Victorian and Frank Lloyd Wright window catalogs. Also consider searching Houzz or Pinterest for design ideas. Or, send us your design and we’ll work with you to turn your idea into a unique stained glass window.

Recent Commissions of Note

Frank Lloyd Wright Coonley House Inspired Window

These windows were inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Coonley Playhouse panels. Spanning a height of over eight feet, these somewhat whimsical windows provide a focal point with splashes of color and texture. They are located in a private residence in Texas.

Stained Glass Windows Bryan Museum

The Bryan Museum in Galveston, Texas commissioned us to create several stained glass windows, including period stained glass treatments for their main entry, several transom windows, along with two 36″ x 80″ window panels (depicted above) with the museum name painted in the center medallion. The challenge was to create windows which after installed would appear to be original to their historic Gothic mansion built in 1894.

Stained Glass Andersen Windows

These modernist styled stained glass panels were installed into a set of Andersen C16 casement windows. Located in a private residence in Cambridge , Massachusetts, the challenge was to create a window which would allow for maximum privacy but still allow for daylight to be brought into the room. The design an color palette was selected to complement adjacent furniture and floor coverings.